English Language Learners

At Northeast Early College, English Language Learners are given a variety of supports in order to be successful in their high school classes.

Universal Supports:

  • All teachers at Northeast Early College either have or are working towards their ELA-E certification. This certification requires the completion of intensive coursework, assignments, and demonstrations of effective teaching practices to best support English Language Learning students.
  • All students who are designated as English Language Learners are either enrolled in an ELD class with a highly qualified ELA-E and English teacher to receive targeted instruction to help them attain English proficiency status while in high school. Some students are enrolled in an ELA-S course to receive instruction in both English and Spanish while learning the English language.

Targeted Supports:

  • All 9th grade students are enrolled in a math support period with a Math Fellow. These teachers receive special training specifically from our ELD teacher to better incorporate SIOP strategies in this math intervention classroom.
  • Any student listed as an “ELL” can opt-in to additional tutoring provided by Ms. Bryan, our ELD teacher, on a weekly basis. Students can opt-in to these tutoring groups every 6 weeks and can receive support for any of their core academic classes.

Visit the ELA program in Denver Public Schools for more information.

Kristen Bryan, ELD Teacher, can be contacted at Kristen_Bryan@dpsk12.org or at 720-424-2509.

Our Instructional Services Advisory team is a group of Northeast Early College staff members whose roles falls broadly into four categories:

  • Advocacy: ISA Teams advocate for English Learners at their school to help close the opportunity gap.
  • Site Coordination: Collaborate with teachers to ensure timely decisions are made for ELs.
  • Data team: The ISA Team is the primary decision-making body for ELs at the school site. The team collaborates with MTSS when a student needs additional services.
  • Communications: ISA Teams communicate with other staff members to ensure ELA students are receiving appropriate instruction and support. ISA teams may also communicate with parents about their students’ progress along the “Lifecycle of an English Learner (LCE)” (see page 6).

Members include:

ISA Team Handbook
The Consent Decree in both English and Spanish