Attendance Policy

Regular school attendance is imperative for your student to make the most of their education—to benefit from teacher-led activities, to build each day’s learning on that of the previous day, to contribute to our community and to grow as an individual.

Students: when absent it is your responsibility to ensure that a parent/guardian contacts the attendance secretary to ensure your absence is excused. Parent may call the attendance hotline at 720-424-2451 and leave a message to report an absence.

Early Release
Parents/guardians are asked to schedule medical and dental appointments during non-school hours/days when possible.

Should your child need to be excused early for a doctor’s appointment or other legitimate circumstances, the parent/guardian must bring a signed note prior to the appointment detailing the time to be excused, reason for leaving, and approximate time of return. Upon the parents’/guardians’ arrival in the front office, the student will be called from their classroom to the main office. The student will be excused from school only when a parent/guardian or other authorized individual signs the student out. For the safety of our students, please note that students will only be allowed to leave or be signed-out by authorized parties listed in Infinite Campus based on your registration documentation. Over the phone/verbal authorizations will not be allowed.

School Closings
In the event of inclement weather, Denver Public Schools may close schools at their discretion. School closings are announced on all Metro Denver radio and television stations and are posted on their website, It is the responsibility of parent(s)/guardian(s) and students to access this information. Should we need to close the school early for other emergency reasons; the school office may call students’ homes to inform them of a school closing. If the school must close during the school day, every attempt will be made to inform the parent(s)/guardian(s) in order to arrange for transportation. These calls will be conducted via a mass robo-call delivering pertinent information.

Procedure for Excused and Unexcused Absences
Excused absences are those resulting from temporary illness or injury, physical, mental, or emotional disability or condition, religious observance, absences which occur when a student is in custody of a court or of a law enforcement authority, and any other absence that has received prior approval by the Principal. Absences due to suspension or recommendation of expulsion will be considered excused. In the event of a necessary absence or tardy, parent/guardian must send a written note excusing the absence within 48 hours. The note must include the following:

Student’s name
Date of absence
Reason for absence
Parent/guardian name and a contact number for the parent/guardian.
Multi-Tiered Interventions

Students will receive interventions based on their classification within the RTI model.

RTI Model
Tier 1:  80% to 90% of students will fall into this classification based on their attendance and universal interventions will be implemented to ensure that all Northeast Early College students are at or above 95% attendance rate overall.

Tier 2: 5% to 10% of students will fall into this classification and will receive target interventions to ensure that all Northeast Early College students are at or above 95% attendance overall.

Tier 3: 1% to 5% will fall into this classification based on their attendance rate and will receive intensive interventions to ensure all Northeast Early College students are at or above 95% attendance rate overall.

Target Interventions are as follows in sequential order:

  1. Weekly meetings with social worker or administrator to progress monitor and goal set around attendance and academics.
  2. Weekly phone calls home with parents/guardians to problem solve around barriers and update on progress around goals.
  3. Conference with parent/guardian, student and administrator to sign Attendance Contract and outline next steps and roles.

Intensive interventions will include Targeted interventions in addition to the following in sequential order:

  1. Social worker and/or administrator will conduct a home visit to assist family with problem solving around barriers preventing the student from getting to school on time as well make referrals if necessary.
  2. Students will be scheduled into an advisement cohort where the group will focus on attendance and academic concerns as well as receive daily progress monitoring.
  3. Students will be placed into the BOT class as another layer of intervention and progress monitoring.
  4. Parent/guardian and student will attend an Attendance Mediation Workshop.
  5. Northeast Early College social worker will file a truancy petition with Denver County Courts.


The academic, social and emotional success of students  is our greatest priority. Collaboration between parents/guardians and Northeast Early College staff is essential to each student’s academic success.  Open and honest communication by both parties is the foundation to this collaborative relationship.