Neil O'Toole
RJ Coordinator and Equity Data

Neil O’Toole


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Neil O’Toole is a Colorado Native who left the State briefly to attend Fairfield University in Connecticut, serve in the United States Peace Corps in Ukraine, and attend the University of New Mexico for graduate school. He currently holds a B.A. in English with an Italian Studies Minor and a M.A. in Educational Leadership. Neil O’Toole has taught for 10 years English in various formats (ESL, EFL, and English Language Arts), and began teaching in a small village in Ukraine called Turya Pasika. He joined the High Tech Early College community in 2014 as an English teacher and, this year, switched from teaching and into the discipline team. Mr. O’Toole currently serves as one of the Restorative Justice Coordinators and member of the Dean Team. He is a certified Yoga teacher, has practiced Kung Fu for 8 years, and loves to go swimming, running, bike riding, and hiking outdoors with his husband and dog.