Extracurricular Activities

Audio Production

Thompson ML001
This is an opportunity for students who are currently enrolled in the Audio Production pathway to get extra time to work on their projects in the Audio Production Lab. Students NOT enrolled in the Audio Production pathway must get permission from Mr. Thompson.
Black Student Alliance

Williams (A106)
The Black Student Alliance is an organization that serves as an advocate of the African/African American/ Black and entire underrepresented voice on campus and wishes to expose all students, faculty, and staff of the NEC to new ideas and experiences in order to create positive change.
Board Games & Card Club

Nunnelly & Ruiz-Garcia (B222)
Come to Board Game & Card Club to play your favorite games. We have Uno, Settlers of Catan, Go Fish, and any other card games you will love!
Current Events Club

Milligan & Hallein (B224)
Talk about current events that are going on around the world. Bring your own topics to class so that we can get different perspectives on what’s going on in the world.

Stiles (D266)
Do you want to sharpen your critical thinking, research, speaking and persuasion skills? Come join the Debate Club. We will learn how to do competitive debate and (maybe) participate in some competitions. This is a must for anyone who wants to be a lawyer!

Flattery & Coszalter (Gym)
Throw foam dodge balls at your classmates (and maybe Mr. Flattery). Your classmates (and maybe Mr. Flattery) will be throwing dodge balls at you.

Henze (B227)
We will learn basic acting skills first and then act out scenes from plays students really want to try or we can write our own scenes if they have a cause or platform they wish to speak from.
Drawing/Coloring Club

Dittman & Chun (B225)
Exercise your spatial reasoning and artistic side with drawing club. If drawing isn’t your forte, there’s always coloring!
Film Club

Embacher & Roger (D135)
Watch and critique classic films from long ago up to now
Football/Chess Strategy

Lapaire & Krafels
We will spend time playing, simulating, and analyzing both games to become more than players – we will become masters of strategy.

Maurer (B110)
Future Business Leaders of America!
Girls Rugby

Un (A204)
Try rugby! It’s like football, but better. We will learn the basics of rugby (with no tackling) and have a lot of fun.
Graphic Design

Wiant (B112)
Graphic design club is an extension of the graphic design pathway where students can continue to build on their projects and work on competitions as well.
Gay Straight Alliance

Honka (D264)
We foster a caring and safe community of acceptance regardless of sexual orientation or identification.  Everyone is welcome to join.  Let our voices be heard.
Guitar Club

Veo & Garno (A206)
Pick, Practice, Play
Kung Fu & Self Defense

O’Toole (A105)
We will discuss self defense and how to use internal energy for health and protection. You will learn basics of punching/kicking, how to get out of joint and muscle locks, and a few traditional kung fu forms. You will need to bring your sports clothing to club days.
Painting Club

Criste & Bjelland (B226)
If you love to paint, then this club is for you ! We will have different themes throughout the semester and you will be able to display your painting around the school/community
Student Council

Goncalves (D130)
NEC need our students’ voice, participation and action! Student Council is an opportunity for the leaders of NEC to directly impact the culture and involvement of the students at our school. You will be the planners and enactors of events such as Homecoming Spirit Weeks, Prom and Community Outreach. Sign up and show us what extraordinary leadership skill and voices you have!
Super Smash Bros.

Jackson (D267)
For lovers of all games in the series!
(64, Melee, Brawl, Smash 4) Come hone your skills and build a supportive community of players! You’ll need it if you ever hope to beat Mr. Jackson!
Tech in Arts!

Rosenthal (A102)
What do all the arts have? An NEC Crew! Explore a career in the arts!

Gordon (B112)
Any NEC student who wants to put their technology skills to good use or learn more about gaming, cyber security, coding, robotics, drones, competitions and all things computer and technical will want to join the Technology Club and Student Organization!
Upcycle Clothing

Pait & Langston (A203)
If you love fashion and you love the environment, join this club. We will be re-cyling or up-cycling used clothes to create  one-of-the-kind clothing designs.  Who knows, you may become the next Marc Jacobs or Betsy Johnson!
Zen Club

Rossin (B223)
Come rest and refresh with a guided meditation and gentle yin yoga.