2023-2024 School Year Information

Posted August 5, 2021

Vaccine Info and COVID Testing
  • Important Dates
    • Ninth Grade Academy – Mandatory for Class of 2024 Students – August 10-12th
    • NEC Registration – August 12th, 1PM – 5PM and August 13, 8 – 12PM 
      • New students to DPS or new students without a Chromebook will pick up their Chromebook and charger during registration. Returning students with a damaged Chromebook will return it and the charger for a new device during registration.
  • Ninth Grade Academy – Ninth Grade Academy is August 10, 11, and 12th and it is mandatory for all first time, 9th grade students. The times for NGA are 8AM-2PM each day on our campus. All 9th grade students at NEC need to register for NGA by sending an email to ninthgradeacademy@dpsk12.org. In this email please include 1) High School Name, 2) Student’s Full Name & Student ID number, 3) Student’s address & phone number. If you have any questions, please send an email message to ninthgradeacademy@dpsk12.org, or call the DPS NGA Hotline, 720-424-8277, and someone will respond. Remember that summer homework should be completed before the first day of NGA. Ninth Grade Academy will be more important than ever this year as students are warmly welcomed back to school and re-learn what this means for them after a deeply challenging year. 
  • NEC Summer Homework for ALL Students –
    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-5wgHe1V1A-XWCQ3IjV1hWhLcbBE_mYIRTdH8T0-CBw/edit?usp=sharing
  • NEC Class of 2025 Summer HomeworkHere is your summer homework assignment. It was sent to all student email addresses on June 17 at Noon. Families were contacted by SchoolMessenger via phone call and/or text and/or email that the summer homework was provided to students. Families were also given a copy of it. The information about our summer homework was also sent out via REMIND and on Social Media.

For 9th graders in the Class of 2025, this homework should be completed prior to the first day of Ninth Grade Academy, August 10.