Message from the Principal

Greetings Northeast Early College Community,

It is an honor to be joining this amazing community! Over the years, I have admired this school for the opportunities provided to students. The early college model presents a multitude of opportunities for students to use their time in high school to achieve college level credits or career certification. NEC students are able to consider their career and college aspirations as early as 9th graders then determine their path and align their coursework towards their goals. 

Joining a community that understands how valuable the opportunities we provide to our students is a joy as an educator. Collectively we can place our energy and efforts in the same direction which is supporting our students in achieving their postsecondary goals. I am committed to the vision and value that is unique to NEC and am determined to ensure my every effort is in pursuit of serving our students. 

My personal story is closely connected to my passion as an educator. I grew up in a very close knit family where we loved and cared for each other. My grandparents taught me much alongside my parents. Hard work and serving others were at the forefront of career paths they took, including the car repair family business. Having family members that chose college and career paths after high school enables me to see the significance of the choices our students make as they embark in their learning here at NEC.

I grew up in Alabama that is rich with culture and history, but not all of the history is positive. At an early age, I became determined to actively live a life that made space for others and celebrated the diverse experiences and perspectives that are critical to making our world a better place. I have actively passed these values on to my four teenage children in partnership with my husband and live out these beliefs in my commitment as an educator. 

In the DPS community, I have served in different roles at Summit Academy, DCIS Baker, and South High School. I have worked in a charter school in Aurora and led the process to earn accreditation for a private school founded in Vietnam. I have had the privilege in partnering with students from all walks of life across the world. I believe we are a village of educators that have the opportunity to utilize the spectrum of school options to best serve our students. Here at NEC, we will leverage our early college model to set our students up for success to be driven by purpose beyond today. Each member of our community contributes to the vision and success of our school. It is my commitment to seek your perspectives and ideas as we develop strategic efforts to serve our students.

Thank you for the warm welcome I have already received. The inviting culture and pride in NEC is contagious! I look forward to working with each of you!

Warm Regards,

Jen Warren