Career Residency

Free College & Training Opportunities

Earn a high school diploma, college diploma, credentials, and certificates while in high school.

Financial Awards

Earn a salary while working in highly-skilled workforce career relevant to your career pathway and course of studies.

Create a College & Career Portfolio

Through the three-year intensive program, you will earn college credit, workplace experiences and connections that will prepare you for your next steps in life.

Start Your Career

You will gain work experiences in high-demand job fields,
with the potential for engaging and profitable future careers. Immersive work experience that is guaranteed to set you apart from the typical high school student.

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Student Testimonials

“The beginning of this would most likely be the hardest, so it’s good to keep a growth mindset because that will help you through the process.  This opportunity will twist the normal lifestyle of a student, because there will be a lot of pressure added to your school work, which can be worse when you’re doing extra-curriculars. So it’s best to work on your personal brand (responsibility, accountability, leadership, teamwork, etc.).  But within all the frustration, there are benefits (associates degree, bonus, etc.).”

Marco Knight, Pinnacol Assurance

“I am part of CareerResidency, and I’m an apprentice at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.  My experience so far has been busy and stressful, but amazing at the same time.  It takes a lot of work to manage everything, but I’m getting the hang of it, and would totally recommend it.  It’s an awesome opportunity, and I’m glad to be part of OIT as part of the Risk and Compliance team, because they truly are an awesome team.”

Crystal Garay, UC Denver OIT

“This is a good opportunity to gain real world knowledge of a work place while in school.  Pros of participating are you make money as well as learn more in your career pathway.  Cons are you will not have a lot of time to hang out with your friends, so time management is a big role in this program.  If you don’t have a full schedule and are good at keeping up with grades, go for it.”

Jacob Ochoa, RK Mechanical

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