Senior Day

Posted July 26, 2023

Please join us on Monday, July 31st at 9am in the NEC gym for SENIOR DAY!!!
We are going to play some games, brainstorm senior t-shirt designs, plan senior events and activities, and paint parking spaces!!! We will provide snacks in the morning and lunch at noon. It will be a very relaxed, chill day! We will also have gift cards from Starbucks, chipotle, and Dutch bros. to win just for coming!

Text Ms. Rapp at 720-232-8584 or email with any questions.

Bring a water bottle and $20 if you want a parking space!!!

If you are buying a space, you should plan out your design ahead of time!
Parking space selection will be on a first come, first choice basis.
Parking spaces are 102 inches by 182 inches.
Parking spaces are $20 for the year.
Parking spaces can NOT include or have references to profanity, weapons, drugs, alcohol, etc.
Please wear clothing for painting!
We will provide:
Paint (white, black, red, blue, yellow)
Cups to mix paint to make unique colors
Paint stirrers
Painters tape
Sidewalk chalk
1 inch foam brushes
1/4 inch nylon detail hair brushes
Graph paper
Optional to Bring: Your own paint, brushes, and anything that might help you be comfortable sitting on the ground painting!