Celine Abeyta

Job Coach



Exceptional Student Services

She/Her Celine is a very hard worker, who enjoys running and hiking. In high school, she lettered in track for her last two years. Celine was born here in Colorado. She graduated from Northglenn high school in 2015. Celine is the mother of A beautiful baby girl named Melanie Renay. Melanie is 4 years old. She has two cats by the names of Zira and Mr. Pickles. Melanie and Celine love to paint and draw together. They’re very artistic. Another thing that they love to do is reading. Probably Celine’s favorite thing to do with Melanie. Before Celine became a Job coach, she worked for AT&T for 7 years. She is very excited to be here and be a part of the North East Early College Team!